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Cross cultural Relationship Counselling

Although we all come from different "family cultures", couples who have different national, ethnic or religious backgrounds generally face greater cultural issues in their relationships.


They often have quite different cultural assumptions, perceptions and beliefs concerning gender roles, child rearing, parenting, family traditions, life styles, norms
and values from those of their partner.


This is a complex situation which can be further burdened by language barriers. In a cross cultural relationship there
is ample room for misunderstandings, and often with little understanding and knowledge of how to communicate effectively.  As a result both parties are left feeling frustrated, misunderstood, insecure and judged.






Through cross cultural counselling I will help you to:


•  Explore both your partner's  and your own cultural
     beliefs, assumptions, values and perceptions.


•  Understand how these cultural differences cause
     conflict in your relationship - and how to reduce
     their conflict potential.


•  Find ways to adjust to your partner's culture
     without loosing your own cultural identity.


•   Create your own unique "joint couple culture"
      where you   can both feel comfortable and content.